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Mums have always been careful about what products they choose for their baby, but thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to stay well informed on all the ins and outs of what is best for bubs. People are increasingly choosing natural products for all aspects of child care: clothing, food and drink, toys, bath products, furniture, bedding and everything else.

Mums-to-be tend to read up on all this stuff, but it can all be a little overwhelming for people who don’t have kids. Baby shower invitations come in the mail and gifts must be chosen, but where do you begin? You don’t want to give them something they won’t use, or worse: something that isn’t safe for the baby. What’s a good natural gift for a baby shower?

Baby clothes and blankets

When choosing baby clothes, swaddling blankets and other cloth products, look for natural fibres like organic cotton. Ensure the cotton was grown without toxic pesticides and that the fabric is not treated with harsh chemical bleach or dye. Pure merino wool and pure silk are other great choices of fabric for baby’s soft and sensitive skin.


Newborn babies sleep up to 17 hours a day! That’s a lot of time in bed, so it’s crucial that bedding is truly safe and natural. It also means that bedding is always a welcome gift, since it’s often in the wash. Just like with clothing, think about natural organic cotton. You could also go beyond blankets and sheets, and get something like an organic snuggle bed or other structural pieces that the mum-to-be is unlikely to think of for herself.

A natural health kit

Anyone who is into healthy alternatives knows the value of natural healing remedies as the first port of call before the doctor’s office. Put together a care package for the mama-to-be with some of the most commonly used natural health tools: good quality salt, some coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil and bicarb soda. You could also include some white vinegar for all-natural home cleaning.

Baby toys that are safe and natural

Baby toys are a favourite choice of baby shower attendees everywhere, and they are great for the natural mum too! If you can’t go past cute rattles, stuffies and teethers, look for things that are easily washable and free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates and BPA. Avoid plastic toys unless they are marked as all-natural and safe, especially if they have been imported from countries where regulations are not as strict. Your best bet? Toys made from body-safe silicone, natural wood or high quality fabrics like wool and cotton.

A pampering spa-at-home kit

Put together a home spa kit for the lady of the hour, filled with luxurious all-natural products. Include face washers and towels, loofahs, premium soaps and lotions, bath salts and other toiletries. It’s not directly for the baby, but it will let the new mama pamper herself in the lead up to the birth or to freshen up while their little one naps. Even better, look for bath products that are suitable for both mum and baby so they can have a quick soak together.

A helpful service

If choosing an all-natural physical gift is overwhelming, consider offering an ‘experience gift’ instead. Pregnancy and life with a newborn can be extremely stressful: physically, mentally and emotionally. Make this huge adjustment a little easier for the parents-to-be by giving them a voucher for a service. The options are endless, but consider something like a delivery of fresh groceries or a fully cooked meal from a local restaurant, a relaxing massage or a home cleaner. You could also give them a pregnancy or newborn portrait session with a professional photographer.

Any of these options is a great place to start shopping for your next baby shower gift. Every mum will appreciate the extra care you put into choosing something safe and healthy for her child.

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While growing up, your babies spend most of their time sleeping. Precious moments with your little ones include watching them doze off into dream worlds while snuggled in their bassinets or cot beds.

That is why you must invest in comfortable, durable, safe, and healthy baby mattresses. There is a large assortment of baby mattresses in regular stores, but how do other cheaper baby mattresses compare to premium, organic ones?

The Different Elements in Cheaper Mattresses That are Not for Your Baby

There are common types of mattresses used by many adults, but these may not be the best choice for your child even if they are commonly found online or in baby shops. Some could even contain harmful substances, while others are made of materials that are not optimal for young, delicate babies.

Here are some of the things that you must look out for when buying a mattress for your baby:

Polyurethane Foam

This substance is potentially toxic and highly flammable. Prolonged exposure may affect the nervous and immune systems, increase a risk of asthma and allergies, and even cause neurological damage to growing babies who are still very vulnerable. Urethane foam is a common component in foam mattresses which are one of the top mattress choices among parents who want a balance of softness and firmness in their baby’s bassinet or cot. Despite being an affordable choice, foam mattresses they may be lighter in weight and the softness of this foam can cause difficulty in moving as it can contour too much and firmly hold against your baby’s body.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Plastics

It is popular to have waterproof coverings for your baby’s mattress for making cleaning easier to maintain; however, some of these are made of PVC, which is not environment-friendly and is also one of the most toxic plastics created. As they break-down, they can easily be inhaled or make their way through your baby’s skin. As they are manufactured, it releases dioxins which are possible carcinogens. These dioxins can also cause developmental and reproductive health problems. This PVC plastic covering also becomes uncomfortable when the weather starts to get warm. It is not uncommon for a baby to get rashes or other skin irritations.

Steel Coils

These are found in an innerspring type of mattresses that are common for adult beds. These, however, may be too bouncy and soft for babies. Coils may also tend to make the baby mattress heavier, so it is more difficult to change the bedding – something you are likely to do often. A premium coil technology can also make a mattress quite expensive, but you might want to spend more on benefits that your baby will need.

Time to Invest in a Quality Tetra Mattresses

With all the disadvantages of having a cheaper mattress, spending a little more for natural filling in a quality mattress is a worthwhile investment. If you really want to enjoy the best option, an organic baby mattress like any Tetra tea tree bassinet, cradle or cot mattress is for you. It may be a bit more expensive than the common types of mattresses, but it is worth the price because you are providing your infant with all the chemical-free and sustainable benefits of a natural mattress without any of the risks of off-gassing from the industrial chemicals used in cheap mattresses.

Though cheaper mattresses may seem appealing because of the price, Tetra mattresses are non-toxic because they are filled with organic tea tree flakes that create the most natural environment for your baby to sleep in. Because of its breathable, non-allergenic and anti-bacterial features, Tetra baby mattresses will take your worries away, knowing that you have eliminated many of the hazards that come with buying a cheaper mattress.

As we nurture our babies to grow, they have many needs which we all seek to provide. With all the associated costs, buying an expensive baby mattress may not seem ideal, especially if there are many cheap options in stores and online. But have you ever wondered what makes these baby mattresses so inexpensive? One reason is that often multi-national and big businesses save costs by utilising and exploiting foreign workers without any consideration for fair trade or fundamental human rights. Is this the start you want for your beautiful newborn child? To have them sleep upon a mattress made at the cost of other children's basic rights?

Child labour

Cheap mattresses can be made with cheap labour that exploits workers

A simple search on this issue will reveal a lot of news and articles about work exploitation and human trafficking. It is not nice to talk about it, and we do not like to be negative, but that is why Australia is flooded with cheap mattress shipped in from third world countries with no accountability to you or your children about they're authentic source and manufacturing. As smart buyers, we must be aware of where and how our products are made. It is our duty as conscious consumers to promote a global economy that adheres to ethical practices, especially when it comes to human rights and in this case, that of foreign factory workers making baby products.

What is Labour Exploitation?

When manufacturers and brands take advantage of vulnerable workers, usually the poor and uneducated, they become supporters of labour exploitationThose exposed to poor working conditions such as being underpaid while working for extensive hours in a day, deprived of rights to voice out their concerns, physical or verbal abuse, and lack of worker benefits and a safe working environment, is common and well documented in factories in developing countries. While big brands like Nike and Apple with high profiles have had pressure applied to improve conditions for their workers, the lack of high-profile baby mattress brands means this issue is just overlooked. Perhaps an inconvenient truth, but something worth considering when deciding what to buy for your newborn.

How Does a Cheap Mattress Become a Part of Labour Exploitation?

Although Australia’s government has developed the Labour Law to protect workers and we consider worker exploitation as unethical and shameful, a lot of imported mattresses manufactured outside the country may be the product of slave-like labour. Even products that are Australian-made or manufactured locally can still contribute to labour exploitation if the materials, like cotton, for example, are harvested by workers receiving unjust compensation. With a chain of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, a normal buyer may have difficulty tracing how an item is produced.

How to Avoid Supporting Labour Exploitation

A company with a real history and years of experience is more reliable, especially when they are transparent about how their products are made. As we strive to support local products, the beautiful story of Australia’s most established natural bedding brand Tetra is an example of a local manufacturer you can trust for one of your child's most fundamental needs – a baby mattress to sleep on throughout the day and night. You know how and where Tetra products are from. Tetra baby mattresses started on a rural property on the outskirts of Sydney in the 1940's when a farmer innocently discovered the light, aromatic and natural properties of tea tree bark. The bark is wild harvested sustainably by hand from trees across coastal New South Wales. It is processed without chemicals in Tetra's Sydney workshop that is authentically sweatshop-free. Which is why when you choose Tetra you can enjoy the genuine satisfaction from caring for your baby with the world's most natural and ethical mattress or children's pillows

Not only are the benefits of a good sleeping environment overlooked when a cheap mattress is purchased, but also the welfare of workers who potentially suffer from exploitation. As responsible and ethical people, we must use our consumer power for good and consider local and natural products that benefit not only your babies but also the environment and global community.

Why Natural Mattresses are better

A natural and healthy sleeping environment is vital for our health and well-being. It is during our sleep that our bodies recover from physical strains, heal damaged cells, boost our immune system and recharge our cardiovascular system. It is during sleep that we undergo important physiological changes essential to growth, according to Peter Nieman a pediatrician and assistant clinical professor at the University of Calgary medical school. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. Babies and children, however, must sleep more often and for longer periods of time than adults.


Safe Sleeping Environment

It is every mother's priority to make a safe, natural and healthy sleeping environment for their children. Since babies and children spend a significant amount of time sleeping, it is entirely logical that baby bassinets, pillow's and mattresses must all be safe and free from toxins.  The sleeping environment of infants and children must be lead and phthalate free. All sleeping materials like mattresses, pillows and blankets must be made from 100% organic material.  Organic materials are better than synthetic ones because they were not treated with chemicals during their manufacturing and processing.

There is a sense of safety when a baby in sleeping in a bassinet within your arm's reach. The best baby bassinets have organic mattresses and should be free from toys, soft beddings, blanket's and pillows. For children aged 2 and above, organic children's pillows should be made from organic materials because they are gentler and safer if they are not filled with foam that is really cooked-up plastic.


Dangers of Ordinary Mattresses

A seemingly harmless mattress, pillow or bassinet may be putting your child or baby's life in danger. Ordinary mattresses are loaded with chemicals and they release some amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Exposing babies to these kinds of mattresses have adverse effects on their health because they are more susceptible to indoor pollutants than adults. Some other mattresses are made from polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester and soy foam may also be harmful to infants and babies.


Why Tetra Tea Tree Mattresses are the Best

What is the best material for mattresses? Mattresses made from organic materials are considered better primarily because they may not be treated with harmful chemicals, unlike ordinary mattresses. And when it comes to organic mattresses, Tetra Tea Tree mattresses are the most natural in the world. Tetra Tea Tree organic makes cot, baby bassinets mattresses, organic children's pillows and Snuggle Beds that are perfect for infants and babies.

Tetra baby mattresses are organic, chemical free and made from tea tree paperbark filling. They are naturally more breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and thermally regulated. Tetra tea tree mattresses were tested by the Queensland Government Laboratory and were proven to be non-toxic. In tests by Uniflow, Tetra Tea Tree mattresses also had lower carbon-dioxide accumulation than foam or polyester mattresses due to the Tea Tree Paperbark flakes.


Safe Mattresses and Pillows for Babies and Children

Babies should sleep on a surface which can allow their skin and pores to breathe. A hot sleeping environment is not ideal for infants and children. Baby bassinets and bassinet mattresses from Tetra are filled with Australian tea tree flakes which are scientifically proven to allow airflow.

For young children, Tetra Tea Tree pillows are their loveliest bedtime companion. Many ordinary pillows are filled with industrial chemicals such as flame-retardants and formaldehyde, making them toxic and harmful to your child's health. However, Tetra Tea Tree pillows are made with certified organic cotton and filled with pure Tea Tree flakes that make them naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic.

If you want to provide your babies and children with the safest and healthiest sleeping environment, choose 100% natural and organic mattresses. Invest in your child's health. Tetra has a wide range of baby sleeping organic products - from baby bassinets, baby mattresses, organic children's pillows, organic baby bedding, and snuggle beds for you to choose from.

From Byron Bay With Love 

Nature's Child Blog Post

Nature's Child was started by Jannine Baron in Byron Bay as an independent retailer of wonderful organic and natural products, almost a decade ago. They have always stocked and support Tetra Tea Tree bedding.

Tetra and Nature's Child share a vision for nurturing children with as much love, and as little chemical exposure, as possible.  We are delighted that we are now able to offer the wonderful range of Nature's Child products for baby's, children and mothers.

Tetra Baby Mattress Firmness

Many people will have read in todays media that the website and magazine publisher, Choice, have completed their review of 12 mattresses and that 3 big-name brands, Sealy, Love'n'care and Childcare failed the safety test. 

Tetra Organic Cot Baby Mattresses have undergone independent laboratory testing by an authorised organisation using the "Firmness Test" defined in Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811.1.Tetra Cot Mattresses pass the firmness test.

Baby Mattress Firmness Test

Safe and Organic Baby Mattresses

What this means is that when your baby is sleeping on a Tetra Cot Mattresses you are providing them a firm sleeping surface that is completely free of chemicals that may off-gas, it is encased in certified organic cotton, and is filled with a completely natural Australian Tea Tree Paperbark Flakes.

Sleep with nature, sleep your loved ones on Tetra.

Children Christmas Books

If you are like us then the silly season is in full swing at your house. For our family Christmas is really for the kids and we thought we’d post something a little different on our Tetra blog today. Here are some books we’ve been reading to get the kids in previous years to get everyone into the #christmas mood.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas, Dr Seuss

This Dr Seuss take on the festive season is a hoot, or whoot! Easy to follow and layers of humour for young AND old. Buy?

Mr Christmas, Roger Hargreaves

From the much-loved Mr.Men and Little Miss series, this is great for toddlers and lets them in a little-known secret, that Mr Christmas’s uncle is Santa himself. Buy?

Olivia Helps With Christmas, Ian Falconer

This is a great one to get your little ones into the spiriting of helping out during this month, just like Olivia the loveliest piglet in town. The illustrations are as always beautiful. A designer-favourite! Buy?

Olive The Other Reindeer, Vivian Walsh

For those that love dogs, and have big dreams, this classic childrens christmas book is super sweet and available in pop-up, if you're lucky! It is a great gift but worth getting before Xmas day so you can enjoy reading it in the lead-up Buy?

Nightmare Before Christmas, Tim Burton

As you may expect from prolific movie maker, this Christmas book is cool and fun. Halloweenland is the home for the hero Jack Skellington. It’s a cracking read for kids and parents. Buy?

Tetra Tea Tree & Babyology

We are so excited and humbled by this wonderful article on Babyology about our Tetra Tea Tree Baby Bedding Range in their article "Create a natural, safe sleep space with Australian-made Tetra organic baby mattresses". 

Babyology Tetra


Tetra Organic Baby Cot Mattress

Our baby cot mattresses and other products are Australia's first natural bedding brand, established in 1949. We hope you love our products because they create a beautiful natural sleeping environment. But also please consider that we are also designed in Australia, made from Australian paperbark grown locally, created by hand by Australian staff at our Australian factory and that there are generations of Australian babies that have slept safely on our chemical-free Tetra baby mattresses and children's pillows. We hope you can show your support for our Australian Made Campaign products by choosing Tetra and recommending it to all your friends and family when they are looking for a genuinely natural baby bedding option. Your help by sharing this post, tagging friends and letting us know your behind us makes a huge difference in getting Tetra out there in the face of cheap, synthetic imports and copycats and we are truly grateful for your love and support !‪#‎sleeponnature‬ ‪#‎organicbaby‬ ‪#‎babybedding‬ ‪#‎australianmade‬ ‪#‎tetrateatree‬

Heritage, Part 2.

Tetra was an Australian innovation in 1949. That was when a farmer in West Ryde (New South Wales) stood by a Tea Tree on his property, watching the sunset and rubbing some paperbark between his fingers that he had picked up from the ground. He noticed it was flaking away and floating off in the air. It reminded him of feathers. An idea was borne.

60 years later and Tetra's breathable, natural, pure Tea Tree paperbark flakes, that are lighter then feathers, go into every infant Tetra mattress and pillow we create by hand at our Sydney factory.

In these photos you can see the original Tetra Farmer with a handful of paperbark flakes flying in the wind, and also an image of one of our bark producers starting the process of breaking down the raw paperbark.

Est 1949
Organic Infant Mattresses + Pillows
Chemical Free
Tea Tree Paperbark Flake Filling
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Anti Bacterial
Naturally Non Allergenic
Sustainable Wild Harvest
Australian Grown + Made
‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎eco‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎tetrateatree‬
‪#‎sleephealthy‬ ‪#‎sleeponnature‬
‪#‎mattress‬ ‪#‎pillow‬

Heritage, Part 1. Edits
We have been working with Tea Tree Paperbark for over 60 years. Breathable, natural, pure Tea Tree paperbark flakes that are lighter then feathers go into every infant Tetra mattress and pillow. Here is a photo of our paperbark handlers back in the 1950's. The sustainable use of tea tree is created because the paperbark re-grows and we revisit the tree when that happens.

Est 1949

Organic Infant Mattresses + Pillows
Chemical Free
Tea Tree Paperbark Flake Filling
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Anti Bacterial
Naturally Non Allergenic
Sustainable Wild Harvest
Australian Grown + Made
‪#‎organic‬ ‪#‎eco‬ ‪#‎baby‬ ‪#‎tetrateatree‬
‪#‎sleephealthy‬ ‪#‎sleeponnature‬
‪#‎mattress‬ ‪#‎pillow‬

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