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The British Royal Baby arrives. How Much Do They Care?

The news cycle has been in over-drive about the impending arrival of the new baby to William and Kate. I'm expecting that for the next 6 months there will be daily updates of the new Bub's growth. It is enough to make one wonder if society is so bored that it needs to look at this very personal and private event as a grand public moment.

Undoubtedly for brands like us that focus exclusively on the infant market, there will be an uplift in commerce and trade around baby goods. There always is. It doesn't particularly excite us as Tetra Tea Tree as we've been around for 60 years. We're are used to these type of fluctuations.

We are more interested in the phenomenon that is a royal birth. Especially when it is a country different to ours and that represents a role model that is increasingly less relevant. Not to poo-poo Will and Kat and the English Royal Family. There is a lot to be said for the dignity and morals they try to represent. Which brings us neatly to the point I'd like to make...

How much has the royal family, their PR minions and associated media tried to use this occasion to reflect on what the future is like for the next generation of humans. In the rush to publish stories has anyone stopped to consider what this future royal will have to preside over? How will they be placed in a global community lead by India and China? Will they have a relationship with the EU countries? What cause will they best defend, environmentalism? Ethics over religion?

What type of behaviour both the parents and child they may need to adopt to stay a relevant role model to their public? Surely it will be dramatically different from what it has been. These seem like fascinating questions to ponder.

Finally  here is a very interesting perspective from digital publisher Mama Mia on the moment. They have stopped to reflect what this big brash news may mean for some.

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