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Is Your Pregnancy Pillow Full Of Plastic?

There's a dirty secret in the pillow market and at Tetra we are doing a lot to try and expose it. If you've read our previous stories then you'll know where this is heading. It is all about what is inside that pillow you sleep with at night.

If we said sleep on PLASTIC you'd be grossed out.

If we said sleep on something derived from PETROLEUM you'd be offended.

If we said sleep on something made under IMPOVERISHED working conditions you may be sick.

Now take all of the above and think about what that means if your pregnant. Your trying to take the best of your care, juggling your changing body, added weight and inconvenience with all the other demands in your life. You make it bed, desperate for a good nights rest.

You've thought ahead, spoken to friends and been advised to get a pregnancy pillow to manage your lovely baby bump. You've probably been told by your doctor to sleep on your left side to maximise the nutrients that flow to the womb.

There you are, relaxed, maybe exhausted and it is time to let your body rest and rejuvenate. You breath out, you breath in, out, in.. ahhh... soon your asleep in a comfortable and safe position. 

Now we hate to burst the bubble but what if that pillow of comfort nestled around your stomach, or between your legs was filled with polyester, plastic that is, derived from petroleum. You don't have to be an expert to know that there will be a break-down and emission of the chemical structure as the weight and force of the body is applied. In other words your lying there inhaling the break-down elements from the filling.

Is it dangerous?

Is it toxic?

In lieu of clinical trials and research we defer to common sense. If you slept with your face  against a plastic shoppping bag while pregnant would it be  beneficial for the unborn child? 

So our argument is pretty clear. If you can, if your able, wouldn't it make the most sense to use a pregnancy pillow that is not filled with material made from vats of chemicals spun together by machines to create a cheap filling that breaks down into your airways?

Tetra pregnancy and maternity pillows are filled only with wonderfully natural, hand-collected flakes of Tea Tree Paperbark. You can sleep soundly knowing that your breathe is not sucking in fumes and off-gassing. You can sleep knowing that you precious unborn baby is not being exposed unnecessarily to toxic, cheap, nasty pillow stuffings.

And to all of that we say, sweet dreams.

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