Tetra Cot Mattresses comply with Australian Firmness Standard AS/NZS 8811.1

Tetra Is Australia's First Organic Baby Brand!

Our Heritage, Part 1.

We have been working with Tea Tree Paperbark for over 60 years. Breathable, natural, pure Tea Tree paperbark flakes that are lighter then feathers go into every infant Tetra mattress and pillow. Here is a photo of our paperbark handlers back in the 1950's. The sustainable use of tea tree is created because the paperbark re-grows and we revisit the tree when that happens.

Est 1949
Organic Infant Mattresses + Pillows
Chemical Free
Tea Tree Paperbark Flake Filling
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Anti Bacterial
Naturally Non Allergenic
Sustainable Wild Harvest
Australian Grown + Made

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