Tetra Cot Mattresses comply with Australian Firmness Standard AS/NZS 8811.1

Australia's First Organic Baby Mattress Brand, Part 2

Heritage, Part 2.

Tetra was an Australian innovation in 1949. That was when a farmer in West Ryde (New South Wales) stood by a Tea Tree on his property, watching the sunset and rubbing some paperbark between his fingers that he had picked up from the ground. He noticed it was flaking away and floating off in the air. It reminded him of feathers. An idea was borne.

60 years later and Tetra's breathable, natural, pure Tea Tree paperbark flakes, that are lighter then feathers, go into every infant Tetra mattress and pillow we create by hand at our Sydney factory.

In these photos you can see the original Tetra Farmer with a handful of paperbark flakes flying in the wind, and also an image of one of our bark producers starting the process of breaking down the raw paperbark.

Est 1949
Organic Infant Mattresses + Pillows
Chemical Free
Tea Tree Paperbark Flake Filling
Naturally Breathable
Naturally Anti Bacterial
Naturally Non Allergenic
Sustainable Wild Harvest
Australian Grown + Made
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