Another Sustainable Tea Tree Harvest Complete

Another Sustainable Tea Tree Harvest Complete

May 17, 2018 0 Comments

The story of Tetra Tea Tree bedding began in 1949 when curious farmer in rural NSW noticed a lone Tea Tree on his property. Thankfully deciding against lopping it down, he approached with intrigue and noticed that the bark from this Australian Native Tea Tree tree felt silkier and lighter than any feather he’d ever touched. His mind raced! 

As enjoyed the aromas of tea tree and rub the tea tree flakes between his fingers, the idea for an organic range of bedding was born. And since this very moment, every one of Tetra's Organic Baby Mattresses and Pillows have been hand-made and filled with 100% natural Tea Tree Paperbark Flakes. Nothing added, nothing subtracted. Just the same silky, feather-weight flakes that the farmer discovered back in 1949.

To this very day, our Tea Tree bark is wild harvested and collected from trees around Australia by hand (check out this video to see more). This is an extremely manual (and costly) method because with each harvest our team is committed to honouring the habitat and the individual trees.

When the outer layers of paperbark are removed from the tree by our team using our sustainable harvesting methods, new growth is actually promoted within the tree, improving the overall health of the tree. It’s kind of like getting a haircut to make your hair thicker and grow faster.

As you can see in this short video, at no point during our harvesting process is the tree cut or felled. The paperbark regrows in cycles of 5 to 7 years, a short-term by nature’s clock, and is later re-visited for more bark collection.

Our extremely hands-on approach to harvesting Tea Tree sometimes means we are at the mercy of Mother Nature and sometimes we cannot get enough natural materials to keep up with the demand for our Tetra Mattresses.

The good news is, we have recently completed a sustainable harvest and are ready to take your orders for our full range of organic Tetra Snuggle Beds, Baby Mattresses and Pillows.

We are very excited to report that our Sydney workshop is now fully stocked with fresh Tea Tree flakes and ready to hand make your products to order. If you are a previous customer, we are always grateful for your support by spreading our story to any new parents you know.




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