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Are Cheap Baby Mattresses Made with Cheap Labour That Exploits Workers?

As we nurture our babies to grow, they have many needs which we all seek to provide. With all the associated costs, buying an expensive baby mattress may not seem ideal, especially if there are many cheap options in stores and online. But have you ever wondered what makes these baby mattresses so inexpensive? One reason is that often multi-national and big businesses save costs by utilising and exploiting foreign workers without any consideration for fair trade or fundamental human rights. Is this the start you want for your beautiful newborn child? To have them sleep upon a mattress made at the cost of other children's basic rights?

Child labour

Cheap mattresses can be made with cheap labour that exploits workers

A simple search on this issue will reveal a lot of news and articles about work exploitation and human trafficking. It is not nice to talk about it, and we do not like to be negative, but that is why Australia is flooded with cheap mattress shipped in from third world countries with no accountability to you or your children about they're authentic source and manufacturing. As smart buyers, we must be aware of where and how our products are made. It is our duty as conscious consumers to promote a global economy that adheres to ethical practices, especially when it comes to human rights and in this case, that of foreign factory workers making baby products.

What is Labour Exploitation?

When manufacturers and brands take advantage of vulnerable workers, usually the poor and uneducated, they become supporters of labour exploitationThose exposed to poor working conditions such as being underpaid while working for extensive hours in a day, deprived of rights to voice out their concerns, physical or verbal abuse, and lack of worker benefits and a safe working environment, is common and well documented in factories in developing countries. While big brands like Nike and Apple with high profiles have had pressure applied to improve conditions for their workers, the lack of high-profile baby mattress brands means this issue is just overlooked. Perhaps an inconvenient truth, but something worth considering when deciding what to buy for your newborn.

How Does a Cheap Mattress Become a Part of Labour Exploitation?

Although Australia’s government has developed the Labour Law to protect workers and we consider worker exploitation as unethical and shameful, a lot of imported mattresses manufactured outside the country may be the product of slave-like labour. Even products that are Australian-made or manufactured locally can still contribute to labour exploitation if the materials, like cotton, for example, are harvested by workers receiving unjust compensation. With a chain of suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers, a normal buyer may have difficulty tracing how an item is produced.

How to Avoid Supporting Labour Exploitation

A company with a real history and years of experience is more reliable, especially when they are transparent about how their products are made. As we strive to support local products, the beautiful story of Australia’s most established natural bedding brand Tetra is an example of a local manufacturer you can trust for one of your child's most fundamental needs – a baby mattress to sleep on throughout the day and night. You know how and where Tetra products are from. Tetra baby mattresses started on a rural property on the outskirts of Sydney in the 1940's when a farmer innocently discovered the light, aromatic and natural properties of tea tree bark. The bark is wild harvested sustainably by hand from trees across coastal New South Wales. It is processed without chemicals in Tetra's Sydney workshop that is authentically sweatshop-free. Which is why when you choose Tetra you can enjoy the genuine satisfaction from caring for your baby with the world's most natural and ethical mattress or children's pillows

Not only are the benefits of a good sleeping environment overlooked when a cheap mattress is purchased, but also the welfare of workers who potentially suffer from exploitation. As responsible and ethical people, we must use our consumer power for good and consider local and natural products that benefit not only your babies but also the environment and global community.

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