Collecting Tea Tree With Jamie and Carol

Collecting Tea Tree With Jamie and Carol

June 13, 2018 0 Comments

Behind every Tetra product, there is a team of hard-working, nature-loving individuals. From our Snuggle Beds to our Pregnancy Pillows, every product is made completely by hand in our Sydney workshop using the finest, natural materials.

But before the materials even reach our Sydney workbenches, our devoted team of harvesters kick-start the entire process. All of our organic Tea Tree bark is collected by hand, and whilst this is an extremely manual process, it's extremely important because it allows us to honour the habitats in which we work.

We recently caught up with two of our wild harvesting team, Jamie and Carol, about their family and all things Tea Tree.

Tell us a little bit about your gorgeous family…

Our beautiful little family of three is outgoing, energetic, optimistic, loving and caring. We've been married for 8 months and our beautiful little daughter Jodie, has just turned one. She's made a huge impact on our lives - all for the better! We’re very supportive and always there for each other. 

How do you harvest Tea Tree for Tetra?

Harvesting the Tea Tree bark is always done by hand, in a respectful manner. This is important and ensures we don't impact the environment.

When harvesting, we only remove the outer layers of bark, which actually promotes new growth and makes the tree healthier! After harvesting the bark from a tree, the bark will regrow in about five to seven years, which is actually a short time by Mother Nature’s clock.  

What do you love about Tetra Tea Tree products most?

The products are not only good for our kids but also the environment. We also love that they are 100% Australian made and keeping Australians employed! 

What do you think is the key to a good night’s sleep?

In my opinion, make sure your bedroom is a quiet, relaxing, clean and enjoyable place. Relaxation techniques before bed such as a nice warm bath, shower or a massage always help. And of course, make sure you sleep on a 100% natural mattress and pillow for a great nights sleep!

Can you share some of the natural choices you make in your life to reduce your footprint and care for the planet?

We always make the effort to recycle properly – from household trash, through to scrap metals. We are also big believers in planting trees.

If you were an Australian native animal, what would you be?

A possum (Jamie) and koala (Carol).


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