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The best natural gift ideas for your next baby shower

Mums have always been careful about what products they choose for their baby, but thanks to the internet it’s easier than ever to stay well informed on all the ins and outs of what is best for bubs. People are increasingly choosing natural products for all aspects of child care: clothing, food and drink, toys, bath products, furniture, bedding and everything else.

Mums-to-be tend to read up on all this stuff, but it can all be a little overwhelming for people who don’t have kids. Baby shower invitations come in the mail and gifts must be chosen, but where do you begin? You don’t want to give them something they won’t use, or worse: something that isn’t safe for the baby. What’s a good natural gift for a baby shower?

Baby clothes and blankets

When choosing baby clothes, swaddling blankets and other cloth products, look for natural fibres like organic cotton. Ensure the cotton was grown without toxic pesticides and that the fabric is not treated with harsh chemical bleach or dye. Pure merino wool and pure silk are other great choices of fabric for baby’s soft and sensitive skin.


Newborn babies sleep up to 17 hours a day! That’s a lot of time in bed, so it’s crucial that bedding is truly safe and natural. It also means that bedding is always a welcome gift, since it’s often in the wash. Just like with clothing, think about natural organic cotton. You could also go beyond blankets and sheets, and get something like an organic snuggle bed or other structural pieces that the mum-to-be is unlikely to think of for herself.

A natural health kit

Anyone who is into healthy alternatives knows the value of natural healing remedies as the first port of call before the doctor’s office. Put together a care package for the mama-to-be with some of the most commonly used natural health tools: good quality salt, some coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, clove oil, lavender oil and bicarb soda. You could also include some white vinegar for all-natural home cleaning.

Baby toys that are safe and natural

Baby toys are a favourite choice of baby shower attendees everywhere, and they are great for the natural mum too! If you can’t go past cute rattles, stuffies and teethers, look for things that are easily washable and free from harmful chemicals such as phthalates and BPA. Avoid plastic toys unless they are marked as all-natural and safe, especially if they have been imported from countries where regulations are not as strict. Your best bet? Toys made from body-safe silicone, natural wood or high quality fabrics like wool and cotton.

A pampering spa-at-home kit

Put together a home spa kit for the lady of the hour, filled with luxurious all-natural products. Include face washers and towels, loofahs, premium soaps and lotions, bath salts and other toiletries. It’s not directly for the baby, but it will let the new mama pamper herself in the lead up to the birth or to freshen up while their little one naps. Even better, look for bath products that are suitable for both mum and baby so they can have a quick soak together.

A helpful service

If choosing an all-natural physical gift is overwhelming, consider offering an ‘experience gift’ instead. Pregnancy and life with a newborn can be extremely stressful: physically, mentally and emotionally. Make this huge adjustment a little easier for the parents-to-be by giving them a voucher for a service. The options are endless, but consider something like a delivery of fresh groceries or a fully cooked meal from a local restaurant, a relaxing massage or a home cleaner. You could also give them a pregnancy or newborn portrait session with a professional photographer.

Any of these options is a great place to start shopping for your next baby shower gift. Every mum will appreciate the extra care you put into choosing something safe and healthy for her child.

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