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The Best Place To Sleep Your Baby

Why Natural Mattresses are better

A natural and healthy sleeping environment is vital for our health and well-being. It is during our sleep that our bodies recover from physical strains, heal damaged cells, boost our immune system and recharge our cardiovascular system. It is during sleep that we undergo important physiological changes essential to growth, according to Peter Nieman a pediatrician and assistant clinical professor at the University of Calgary medical school. The National Sleep Foundation (NSF) recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for adults. Babies and children, however, must sleep more often and for longer periods of time than adults.


Safe Sleeping Environment

It is every mother's priority to make a safe, natural and healthy sleeping environment for their children. Since babies and children spend a significant amount of time sleeping, it is entirely logical that baby bassinets, pillow's and mattresses must all be safe and free from toxins.  The sleeping environment of infants and children must be lead and phthalate free. All sleeping materials like mattresses, pillows and blankets must be made from 100% organic material.  Organic materials are better than synthetic ones because they were not treated with chemicals during their manufacturing and processing.

There is a sense of safety when a baby in sleeping in a bassinet within your arm's reach. The best baby bassinets have organic mattresses and should be free from toys, soft beddings, blanket's and pillows. For children aged 2 and above, organic children's pillows should be made from organic materials because they are gentler and safer if they are not filled with foam that is really cooked-up plastic.


Dangers of Ordinary Mattresses

A seemingly harmless mattress, pillow or bassinet may be putting your child or baby's life in danger. Ordinary mattresses are loaded with chemicals and they release some amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Exposing babies to these kinds of mattresses have adverse effects on their health because they are more susceptible to indoor pollutants than adults. Some other mattresses are made from polyurethane foam, memory foam, polyester and soy foam may also be harmful to infants and babies.


Why Tetra Tea Tree Mattresses are the Best

What is the best material for mattresses? Mattresses made from organic materials are considered better primarily because they may not be treated with harmful chemicals, unlike ordinary mattresses. And when it comes to organic mattresses, Tetra Tea Tree mattresses are the most natural in the world. Tetra Tea Tree organic makes cot, baby bassinets mattresses, organic children's pillows and Snuggle Beds that are perfect for infants and babies.

Tetra baby mattresses are organic, chemical free and made from tea tree paperbark filling. They are naturally more breathable, naturally anti-bacterial, anti-allergy and thermally regulated. Tetra tea tree mattresses were tested by the Queensland Government Laboratory and were proven to be non-toxic. In tests by Uniflow, Tetra Tea Tree mattresses also had lower carbon-dioxide accumulation than foam or polyester mattresses due to the Tea Tree Paperbark flakes.


Safe Mattresses and Pillows for Babies and Children

Babies should sleep on a surface which can allow their skin and pores to breathe. A hot sleeping environment is not ideal for infants and children. Baby bassinets and bassinet mattresses from Tetra are filled with Australian tea tree flakes which are scientifically proven to allow airflow.

For young children, Tetra Tea Tree pillows are their loveliest bedtime companion. Many ordinary pillows are filled with industrial chemicals such as flame-retardants and formaldehyde, making them toxic and harmful to your child's health. However, Tetra Tea Tree pillows are made with certified organic cotton and filled with pure Tea Tree flakes that make them naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic.

If you want to provide your babies and children with the safest and healthiest sleeping environment, choose 100% natural and organic mattresses. Invest in your child's health. Tetra has a wide range of baby sleeping organic products - from baby bassinets, baby mattresses, organic children's pillows, organic baby bedding, and snuggle beds for you to choose from.

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