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What is in Other Mattresses that are Cheaper?

While growing up, your babies spend most of their time sleeping. Precious moments with your little ones include watching them doze off into dream worlds while snuggled in their bassinets or cot beds.

That is why you must invest in comfortable, durable, safe, and healthy baby mattresses. There is a large assortment of baby mattresses in regular stores, but how do other cheaper baby mattresses compare to premium, organic ones?

The Different Elements in Cheaper Mattresses That are Not for Your Baby

There are common types of mattresses used by many adults, but these may not be the best choice for your child even if they are commonly found online or in baby shops. Some could even contain harmful substances, while others are made of materials that are not optimal for young, delicate babies.

Here are some of the things that you must look out for when buying a mattress for your baby:

Polyurethane Foam

This substance is potentially toxic and highly flammable. Prolonged exposure may affect the nervous and immune systems, increase a risk of asthma and allergies, and even cause neurological damage to growing babies who are still very vulnerable. Urethane foam is a common component in foam mattresses which are one of the top mattress choices among parents who want a balance of softness and firmness in their baby’s bassinet or cot. Despite being an affordable choice, foam mattresses they may be lighter in weight and the softness of this foam can cause difficulty in moving as it can contour too much and firmly hold against your baby’s body.

PVC (polyvinyl chloride) Plastics

It is popular to have waterproof coverings for your baby’s mattress for making cleaning easier to maintain; however, some of these are made of PVC, which is not environment-friendly and is also one of the most toxic plastics created. As they break-down, they can easily be inhaled or make their way through your baby’s skin. As they are manufactured, it releases dioxins which are possible carcinogens. These dioxins can also cause developmental and reproductive health problems. This PVC plastic covering also becomes uncomfortable when the weather starts to get warm. It is not uncommon for a baby to get rashes or other skin irritations.

Steel Coils

These are found in an innerspring type of mattresses that are common for adult beds. These, however, may be too bouncy and soft for babies. Coils may also tend to make the baby mattress heavier, so it is more difficult to change the bedding – something you are likely to do often. A premium coil technology can also make a mattress quite expensive, but you might want to spend more on benefits that your baby will need.

Time to Invest in a Quality Tetra Mattresses

With all the disadvantages of having a cheaper mattress, spending a little more for natural filling in a quality mattress is a worthwhile investment. If you really want to enjoy the best option, an organic baby mattress like any Tetra tea tree bassinet, cradle or cot mattress is for you. It may be a bit more expensive than the common types of mattresses, but it is worth the price because you are providing your infant with all the chemical-free and sustainable benefits of a natural mattress without any of the risks of off-gassing from the industrial chemicals used in cheap mattresses.

Though cheaper mattresses may seem appealing because of the price, Tetra mattresses are non-toxic because they are filled with organic tea tree flakes that create the most natural environment for your baby to sleep in. Because of its breathable, non-allergenic and anti-bacterial features, Tetra baby mattresses will take your worries away, knowing that you have eliminated many of the hazards that come with buying a cheaper mattress.

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