Tetra Cot Mattresses comply with Australian Firmness Standard AS/NZS 8811.1

Healthy Organic Baby Mattresses

Cot, Bassinet, Cradle & Custom Sized Mattresses

Tetra baby mattresses are filled with natural Tea Tree flakes and helps you create a chemical-free sleeping environment for your child. We hand-make every Tetra baby mattress so you can find one to perfectly fit every cot, basket, bassinet or cradle on the market. If you can't find the size you need in our range then you can order an exact-fitting firm Tetra Organic baby mattress that we will hand-cut and make for you in our workshop.

Tetra Organic are firmly filled and tested to comply to the voluntary Australian Standard AS/NZS 8811.1 for infant mattress firmness. Tetra Organic Baby Mattresses use GOTS certified organic cotton to compliment the natural Tea Tree Filling inside.