Tetra Cot Mattresses comply with Australian Firmness Standard AS/NZS 8811.1

Baby and Infant Mattresses

Bassinet & Cradle Mattress

Tetra Mattresses have been a healthy and safe choice for Australian babies since 1949. They are filled with pure Australian Tea Tree Paperbark Flakes that are scientifically proven to allow airflow. The filling is also naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and not prone to overheating (like foam or latex).

Tetra Tea Tree

Tetra Organic uses GOTS certified organic cotton to compliment the organic Tea Tree Filling inside. We hand-make every mattress so there is a Tetra
firm-filled mattress to perfectly fit every basket, bassinet or cradle on the market. If you can’t find one that fits we will make one custom-sized for you (with no surcharge). 


Most people aren’t aware that foam and synthetic in mattresses and pillows are made mainly from a petroleum by-product. No wonder disease and allergies
are becoming more widespread. A Tetra Mattress is filled with natural Tea Tree and helps you create a chemical-free sleeping environment for your child. 
You can find an organic cot size for every and any sleeping unit you buy, inherit or borrow.   


This includes baby cot mattresses to fit Boori, Stokke, Tasman Eco, Leander, KingParrot, Love’n’Care,
and every other brand. To get an exact-fitting firm Tetra Organic Cot Mattress check our sizes or order a custom sized mattresses.