Tetra Cot Mattresses comply with Australian Firmness Standard AS/NZS 8811.1


Q. What are the benefits of tea-tree over foam?
A. Tea tree is a naturally occurring product, is chemical free and allows the free flow of air through it. It does not harbour mould or bacteria, is cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Q.  I have borrowed a friend’s mattress/Snuggle Bed for my baby.  Is it OK to use it?
A.  The recommendation of all Health Authorities is that a new mattress be purchased for each child as one can never be certain of where and how mattresses etc, have been stored.

Q.  What can I use on my mattress /Snuggle Bed to protect it a bit more from the risk of staining? Can I use a plastic liner?
A.  We do not recommend the use of plastic liners on our mattresses as these reduce the air flow  and cause moisture build up under baby.
We suggest placing quality cotton nappies under your sheeting or in the base of the Snuggle Bed. This avoids staining but still allows the free flow of air through the mattress.

Q.  A friend told me that tea tree was  best for babies because they can breath through it and will not smother.
A.  Tetra Tea Tree mattresses have been tested by Unisearch NSW and the “results showed that for the tea tree packing normally found in the product (i.e. up to 0.056 g/cm3), there was very little resistance to air flow through the material (i.e. decrease in air flow of less than 4%).
These results indicate that the tea tree bark in the pillows and mattresses offers very little resistance to air flow at the normal packing densities found in the products.” However all care should be taken.

Q.  Can Tetra mattresses be washed?
  • They can be sponge cleaned using a natural soap.
  • Hold the material away from the bark while sponging.
  • If the tea tree filling gets wet it may discolour the outer covering.
  • This may appear unsightly but it is in no way harmful.
  • Dry in direct sunlight.
    Q.  I’ve bought a mattress /pillow and it has what appears to be dust in the bag?
    A.  This is just from the product itself sometimes breaking down from handling and is not dirt or in any way harmful. When the mattress/pillow is removed from the bag, shake it gently and this matter disperses.

    Q.  My Pet has soiled our Baby’s Snuggle Bed.  How do I clean it?
    A. Throw it away.