Organic Face Wipes By Natures Child

Organic cotton face wipes are more cost effective than disposables.

The perfect accessory for babies feeding time. We Made them for babies but Adults love them too as a face! Made with love and certified organic cotton. This pack includes two double layered terry towelling face wipes with rib trim. Use as a face washer at bath time or a face wipe at feeding time.

Soft and pure to use on delicate baby skin. Absolutely no additives, no throwing away. Just a beautiful, practical product.

Save hundreds of dollars by reusing instead of throwing away disposable wipes. Face Wipes are the purest baby wipes available. Soft on skin while removing mess from your baby’s face. Use dry or simply add water if you prefer a wet wipe. Measuring 20x20cm, they will wash up looking great and feeling soft every time.

There are no special washing instructions, simply include with your normal washing. Organic cotton face wipes are more cost effective than disposables. This is great news for our environment, our babies health and our wallet. Use dry or add water for a wet wipe when necessary. Their small size makes them easy to carry!

Top Tip: Use Nature’s Child Organic Cotton Face Wipes when you are out and about. Simply pop them wet or dry into your reusable container ready for use.

The Deluxe 4 Pack are supersoft, washable nappy wipes offer convenience and the ability to save up to $900 by not using disposable nappy wipes. Supersoft brushed flanelette cotton on one side and absorbent terry towelling on the reverse side. 18 x 30cm. This product may be shipped without box to keep freight costs down, especially internationally.

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